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A Holistic Approach to Training Innovation

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Learning Strategy:

Our learning strategy begins with a comprehensive analysis of the training need. As illustrated on our instructional design page, we use the ADDIE model as our standardized approach to instructional design.

What is not standardized is our asymmetric approach to learning. Effective adult learning (Andragogy) must be relevant and results focused, based on the needs of the client and the student alike. This is why none of our training products are solely lecture based (Death by PowerPoint). All training products include real world vignettes and applications. All of our workshops and courses are activity laden, which in some cases will take the student out of the classroom and into the community for hands on real world application.

We incorporate blended learning strategies based on the training need and desired outcome. Pre-work, post-work, online, classroom, experiential and more. There is no single defined way to ensure learning outcomes, which is why we take a holistic approach training and development.

Training Needs Assessment:

The foundation of any training intervention begins with the Training Needs Assessment (TNA). We partner with the client to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the training need to determine the competency gap and ensure the learning outcome.

Out certified performance consultants will deploy to the clients site or use available technology to conduct the TNA via distance collaboration. The TNA results will be provided to our instructional design team for training intervention determination and implementation.

All training interventions are evaluated to establish measures of effectiveness for the client.

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