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A Holistic Approach to Training Innovation

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Team Concepts is a full service training and consulting firm dedicated to increasing organizational performance through cutting edge training and development methodology.

Through our proprietary model of Personal and Professional Intelligence (PPI), we focus on maximizing individual and team performance.

As certified practitioners of Emotional Intelligence (EI), we incorporate both EI and PPI in our suite of leadership development workshops and seminars.

Quite simply, we take a holistic approach by actually partnering with our clients, which means, we are vested in the process of creating value for both our clients and our students alike.

All services provided begin with an in-depth analysis and personal consultation to align the services being provided with the needs of the client.

Our facilitators are experienced and exciting presenters who know how to engage students to ensure a great learning experience.

An in-depth evaluation and analysis is standard after every service delivery to measure, performance, effectiveness, and retention.

Our Philosophy & Approach

PEOPLE are the center of gravity of EVERY organization.

Organizational performance is determined by the human capital (leaders and employees) leveraged to accomplish the mission.

Team Concepts has been successful in creating value for clients and stakeholders by focusing on developing PEOPLE. Our training methodology is geared toward enhancing the individual performance of employees and leaders alike. Only then can you mold and leverage high performing teams toward the mission as a high performing organization.

People - Leaders - Teams = High Performance Organizations

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