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At Team Concepts - we believe that coaching managers is similar to coaching anyone else — you need to align their goals with the vision of the organization, provide feedback, and help them advance their careers by paying forward their individual development through servant leadership to others within the organization (developing exceptional leaders to develop others as a means to achieving a high performing organization). We also believe you have to coach managers to develop the culture and capabilities that their team members need, which is why our leadership development programs emphasize Personal and Professional Intelligence as the two imperatives for becoming great leaders and organizational change agents.

Executive Coaching is especially important because moving from an individual contributor position to a manager (leader) is an often neglected transition. In most organizations people are promoted based on their technical competency and tenure, but not based on their ability to lead, manage, and motivate others to perform at their maximum levels. As with most of our development programs, our executive coaches conduct a thorough analysis of the client executive by utilizing clinical assessments by certified practitioners of social and behavioral sciences. This personal analysis is utilized as a benchmarking tool for the coaching and developing of the client. We also utilize proprietary tools for tracking and evaluating progress.

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