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The science is sound: Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be one of the single best indicators of individual performance and even more - SUCCESS.

As you have gathered by now, Team Concepts focuses on employee, leader and organizational performance in designing all of its state of the art training products. Many of our workshops and courses begin with a detailed assessment of the participants, to establish a baseline of social competency. Using the same methodology as many clinicians, and scientific researchers, we incorporate neuroscience in developing many of our programs.

We are certified practitioners of three of the world's best scientifically proven level B psychometric assessment tools; the EQi-2.0, EQi-360 and the Pearman Personality Type Integrator.

A high EQ has been scientifically proven to boost career success, entrepreneurial potential, and leadership talent.

  • 90% of all top performers have EI.
  • 71% of hiring managers value
    EQ over IQ.
  • 85% of financial success is attributed
    to EI.
  • 34% Higher profits for organizations.
  • 20% Reduction in employee grievances.
  • 75% of the time, employees with a high EQ outperform those with a high IQ.
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Pearmen Brochure
Pearman Brochure

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